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me...they love this charact" the soap opera villian peope loved to hate. remembering the man behind "j- r." it's _ _ _ a-m on this satuy morning, november 24-th. god mornin he was theville loan that people loved to hate. remember the jr. good morning. i'm here to catch up and what is going to happen as far as the weather is concerned of the changes ahead. a nice, warm day. it will be beautiful today. we're starting off with a spectacular sunrise. but after the temperatures nearing 70, 72 in santa rosa and 68 in the city, thanksping changes mid-week of. we'll tell you about that first let's get the latest. the man who was trapped in a drainage pipe is now safe. he got stuck in a 16-inch pipe 7 feet below the surface of a
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hillside. a three hour rescue operation started at 9:00 last night on fitzgerald drive. the crews could hear him but they could not see him. >> we made verbal contact with the victim and he was agitated but evidence that he wasn't injured but stuck completely belly down and feet down in a pipe that was angled at about 60% grade. >> rotating crew has to excavate the drain pipe in order to get the man out. this is a photograph. rescue effort. he used the area to stay warm. and he told authorities that he was homeless. they treated him for operations, hypo -- abrasions and hypothermia and took him to the hospital. there will be a memorial service for a young manning that died in an attempted
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carjacking last week. 22-year-old rory pedford was shot and killed by two suspects that went on a crime spree last week. there will be a service at 11:00 at darling fisher memorial chapel. one of the suspects is fill on the run. they have -- is still on the run. the police have released this sketch. he is about 25 years old and was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt during the crime. a family in planning a funeral instead of a wedding. 22-year-old -- was killed after her family's suv slammed into into a patrol car yesterday. it happened on 101 at the exit the items purchased were for her wedding in india. >> we have no idea why the
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vehicle swerved. it was petely on the right-hand shoulder. >> officers said that her and her three sisters were not wearing seatbelts. one of the sister's conditions remains critic. this boat started to take on water yesterday afternoon near the berkley pier. everyone, the family, the dog and a snake made it back to shore safely. it will be seen if black friday brought the economy out of the red. shoppers rushed a victoria secret's store in oklahoma. there was violence in other cases like this in tallahasse florida. this these people were arguing
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over parking and there was a shooting. several wal-mart protesters were arrested for protesting. no one was killed this year but there was violence. two people were wounded after a shooting outside a wal-mart store. it was a above a parking space. and we have a little more about small business saturday. did you know that. it is between black friday and cyber monday. where everyone is encouraged to shop at mom and pop stores. and we have more on that from reporter -- who checked out some of the stores in berkley and talked to the owner how they will talk to folks and get them in the stores. >> reporter: the stores here are not here to compete with big box stores. small business saturday is about supporting the local
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independent stores and they in turn support the local economy and community. >> if you love the small stores and book stores and hardware stores, any kind of small store, you have to spend your dollars there or we will go away. >> reporter: experience express will give their current holders $25 for shopping at small businesses on saturday. and some stores will offer discounts and giveaways. but the biggest insensitives are unique give the that's we will not find elsewhere and a better shopping experience. >> we have unparallel service. we know what we're talking about and fit people into clothing and feel good. >> there's a more joyious mood here. >> reporter: many shoppers here on fourth street said they come here to avoid the chaos that is in the big box stores. >> small businesses, there's
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more original gifts and easier to bayou sneek things for folks. >> reporter: here's something that you will not find at a mall. this man is rocking out in a convertible. >> and we're now counting down to cyber monday. we'll give you tips how to save on line go to,/cyber monday. boxer hector camacho died. he was taken off life support. he was declared brain dead after he was shot on thursday. the driver of the other car is also dead. he is a former boxing world champion. he was 50 years old. actor larry hagman that played a corrupt oil man on
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dallas has passed away. he was jr ewing on the program that airs on cbs from 1978 to 1991 and that episode who shot jr in 1980 broke tv ratings. he died from complications from cancer yesterday. he was 81. new video a gas explosion in new england. they will assess damage to other bullyings in springfield, -- buildings in springfield, massachusetts. but demolitions are likely t ripped part a strip club. 18 people were injured but no one died. officials had evacuated the order after a report of a gas leak. police and people clashed in egypt in cairo. with the parliament gone, the
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new leader can create pass and oversee new laws. >> reporter: protesters in egypt set fire to one headquarters of the muslim brotherhood and threw rocks at a another. hundreds gathered in cairo's square after nightfall. there were thousands more earlier in the day. and confrontation with riot police. the officers fired tear gas at the group injuring a few of the protesters. the violence was triggered after egypt's granted himself sweeping new powers, making him immune to oversight. a spokesperson said that theder clauges raised concern -- declarations for egypt egipans
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-- egyptians and the international community. he made the move thursday, a day after receiving worldwide accolades for mediating a ceasefire between hamas and israel. these are the most widespread protests since he came in power in june following the country's first election. watch out. the big time tumble that led to a hug from a big baby. it's good for the soul. >> and yes, there's more to the season than just shopping. the woman that will spend every friday knitting. and beautiful and sunny conditions in the bay area today. we're off to a beautiful start and plenty of sunshine and there will be changes coming as things turn around mid-week. we'll talk about that. and first we're looking at chilly numbers to start out saturday. the forecast is after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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her handlers in hot pursuit. "atula" took off before an check out this wild sight in southern california. a circus camel on the run with her handlers in hot pursuit.
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she brought traffic to a standstill on a major boulevard. but her great escape was foiled. she was captured and brought back into captivity. holiday shopping season is officially underway, in you have not heard. and one group of bay area women meet every friday. for them, the shopping season is the giving season. >> reporter: in a corner, needles are clicking. and women are chatting. meet the knitters. they meet every friday afternoon in galleria for cake, conversation and community service. >> it's good for the soul. >> reporter: the two dozen women are mostly retired san francisco school principals and teachers. and their fingers do serious work making christmas gifts. >> we see a need and we want to help. >> reporter: this season, they
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are donating 3 hand of their handmade scarves and hats to ship to children in poverty. they put them in school boxes full of school supplies and toys. they hope to give 9 million children shoe box gifts worldwide. >> this may be the only kind of gift they ever get and it tells the true meaning of christmas, the gift of love that was shared with everyone. >> reporter: since they started meeting solely at this cafe ten years ago, this group has discovered a common thread. >> you want to keep your hands busy and do something productive. and there are only so many scarves that you can wear and give away. >> reporter: they have touched people all over the world, they made hats for children in nepal and scarves for kids in afghanistan. in the bay area, they have knit hundreds of hats and scarf for babies, the homeless and
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veterans and senior citizens. >> there's always another project and another way to help and another idea. and i love it. >> reporter: but there is such a thing as having too much fun. >> i can only knit the most simple thing here. >> reporter: they knit with love and time one stitch at a time. this is the annual downtown holiday celebration. it kicks off with a parade, shopping, santa and sledding. sledding will continue this morning t starts at 9:00 a.m. but the weather that we'll be seeing, pretty high temperatures around the area. some of the snow could melt quickly. i know they have a good handle on it. >> if they don't, they'll be
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waterskiing. a little sunshine is a nice change. we have some rain on the way for the bay area mid-week. but first we have cool temperatures to contend with. beautiful sunrise. saturn was in the southwestern sky gleaming. concord 39, oakwood 44, livermore 44, san jose 44 and santa rosa on the chilly side at 37. lots to court. but in the headlines, plenty of sun and we'll warm up a bit and the next chance of rain will be wednesday. and when we open the tap we'll open it for a while in on again off again fashion. mostly sunny for the bay area today. we'll warm all the way up into the mid-40s by 9:00. and later today, 70 degrees in parts of the bay area. we'll see the time lapse and show you that all the moisture at the moment is headed to the north. and we're maintaining mostly
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clear skies. sunny and mild for us this morning. if you're headed to the central valley, we have dense fog posted. so the fog will be forming in the central valley. but for us, we have mostly clear skies and nothing but sun today. overnight, a few low clouds will return to the shoreline. sun later for sacramento and 68. monday looks nice for sfo and other gateway destinations. not bad in new york, denver, chicago and l.a. we'll look at numbers in the 70s today. and the extend forecast is calling for increasing clouds on wednesday and then next thursday and friday, one system moves through and another one falls on its he's. so wednesday, thursday and friday we get wet. but it will be a beautiful saturday. enjoy it. >> a wide variety of forecasts in your forecast there. the future is still a little cloudy for the 49ers and
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its starting quarterback. the coach said that guessing is next in sports. ,,
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a beautiful day in the because area. highs today 70 degrees and things turn wet the latter half of the week. we'll be back in a minute.
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we're going to make make a dish with cute pepper. >> yes, we're using the small tri-color peppers. they look nice her in a dish. we're sauteing the peppers with these whole red peppers here. i like to cook with these when a simmer because the flavor
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bursts. and now we'll add some rice. >> beautiful. >> this will go in with the people -- peppers. and then slowly drizzle some balsamic on there. and now some crushed mint. the freshness of the mint and the peppers, it's a great, fun taste in your mouth. >> and then artichokes? >> yes. you have some great balances of flavor. >> it's a lot of different flavors at one time. >> you're teaching me so many things. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> that looks so good. basketball fan in orlando got and unexpected embrace from a player known as big baby.
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he was chasing a ball and went air born he knocked over a man and woman in the third row. davis offered up a hug to the woman. she was thrilled about that. the warriors look for a win in denver. but could they hold on to the first half lead? there's uncertainty about who will play quarterback tomorrow for the 49ers. good morning. how is that coffee? how is the tea? i want some. but i'll have to wait. earlier yesterday, 49er quarterback whitner said that -- not smith will be the quarterback when they play tomorrow in new orleans. the coach was asked about that and if he could agree to it. >> no. we feel like there's no
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competitive advantage for us to release that information. you may have your opinions. it may be unorthodox. so be it. you can call me name new want. >> all right. warriors in the rocky mountains downtown denver looking for their firstth win in the last -- fifth win in the last six games. warriors led by 6 at the half and the nuggets went into shut down mode. andre up with a three ball and they had a 15-0 run. follow the bouncing ball. and the score will be brad for the st. mary's games. they trailed by 1. and here comes pacific that is a dagger of a shot and one. 76-66. the gales lose their first game
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of the year. they fall to 4-1 in this young season. i'm off catching a flight to cincinnati. i have the raiders and the bengalss. can't wait for that one. have a great saturday. coming up, within more look at our top stories and that includes that overnight rescue of a man stuck in a small storm drain for hours. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a man had to be rescued froa
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16 inch drainage pipe in pi. e was homeless a man had to be rescued from a 16-inch drainage pipe. he held to authorities that he's homeless and he's used that area to stay warm in the past t took about three hours. and he's being treated for hypothermia. and the big dave shopping at big box chain stores was yesterday. and today it's all about main street. shoppers are urged to spend money at local, small businesses to help the economy. they say they have unique gifts and personalized service. the democrats and super majority are in san francisco and they say they're not going to raise taxes. so what is next? >> i'm not spending 130 million- dollar to make sure that prep 32 did not pass. they're going to look to flex their muscles. a new police chief in south
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basement what do citizens need to do to keep their cities safe? that will be on eyewitness news starting 7:30. >> we're talking about a lovely forecast that will be remaining for another day or so. >> it seems like it will be hear for the next couple days. for today nice. 72 in santa rosa. 68 in the city. in san jose, 71 today. it will be a beautiful saturday. get out and enjoy it. and we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> you know, there are some ice skating risks open in the bay area right now if you want to partake in that. one of them is by union square. and we have a look at their treat. the 23rd and great tree lighting ceremony took place last night.
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entertaining the crowds last night, singers from the make-a- wish foundation and the san francisco school of the arts. hundreds of people came out to see the tree lighting yesterday. gorgeous twinkling under the stars. i hope you enjoy the rest of your saturday. a lot of people are going to go out and brave the malls again. >> have a good time. i'm starting around the. >> 24th. >> typical guy. >> thanks for joining us. ,, ,,,,,,
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